2019 Porsche Day Dinslaken

Porsche Day Dinslaken

The Porsche Day Dinslaken is an event that needs no introduction. The horse race-track in Dinslaken (Germany) hosted the Porsche Day for the 19th time yet this May 1st. Once again, hundreds and hundreds of Porsche’s gathered to enjoy a splendid day of Porsche passion and friendship.

The meeting is always characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and the love and enthusiasm for Porsche, far beyond the presented vehicles. Porsches of all kinds and ages come visit the Porsche Day Dinslaken. You see visitors walking around the track that serves as a huge Porsche only parking lot. On that track you can notice cars in the range from a early Porsche 356 over the different models of the Porsche 911 up to the modern Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Sternfahrt Drive for Miles

Drive for Miles, a charity organization for children with cancer.

The charity organization that tries to help children who are diagnosed with cancer , Drive for Miles, had i’s own spot at the event. Drive for Miles organised 4 convoys of Porsches driving to Dinslaken. Each Porsche had a child diagnosed with cancer on the passenger seat. The 4 convoys started in Brussels, Spa-Francorchamps, Luxemburg and Bonn (Germany). Obviously, this brought a day of luck and smile to the children suffering the horrible disease. 

Eye catcher was the tent with the pictures of Hans Trüol. For many this sounds unfamiliar. Hans Trüol is the photographer of the iconic black and white picture of a skier jumping over a Porsche 356. Now that rings a bell, doesn’t it?


A large dealer mile, a wide range of food and drinks as well as various activities such as the “Concours d’Elegance” or the “Battle of Sound” ensure a varied programme throughout the day. And nothing else will be the case in 2020. Be there.

Picture Galley Porsche Day Dinslaken

Pictures by Rüdiger Mayer, author of Schnell mal Essen – Racing & Recipes