25 years of 911 SCRS in Abbeville by 911Motorsport

25_years_911SCRS_Abbeville_009As mentioned in a previous article, September 23 was the 25th birthday celebration event at the racetrack of Abbeville in France, organised by 911Motorsport.
Porsche has a tradition of race cars which are only produced in small numbers. The Porsche 911SC RS is one of them, and the history of the cars goes back a while.
In 1967 there was the 911 R, which had the 210HP from the Carrera 6. Only 22 911R’s were produced. In 1970, there was the Porsche 911 ST, later on in the early seventies the Porsche RS and RSR. All those can be seen as a kind of predecessor of the Porsche 911 SC RS.

Jürgen Barth participated back then in the Rally of Monte-Carlo and gained 9th place overall in a Porsche 911 SC. He was so impressed with that result that he wanted Porsche to continue the rally tradition. So he went to the race director and convinced him to prepare a special series car, build with only one goal.. use it in rallies.
At that time, the Porsche 911 SCRS weighs only approx 900kg which is 300kg less than a Porsche 911 Turbo. With some technical improvements on the 3.0ltr engine, using mechanical injection and the cylinder heads of the Porsche 935, the output is about 250hp at7000rpm.
Only 21 cars were produced , and at the event no less then 8 original cars were present, which is a enormous success.

Jürgen Barth himself first assured to be present but canceled because of family circumstances before the event. The Porsche museum unfortunately didn’t bring the Porsche 911SCRS 01 to the event.

The cars present were chassis 03 , 04, 07, 10, 11, 12, 16 and 21.

3 and 12 ex Belga race cars
10 Bastos race car
4, 7 and 16 ex Prodrive race car
11 and 21 street version

All pictures by Wilfried Geerts.