3rd edition of the Porsche Classic Coast Tour

3 years ago, some fellow Porsche enthusiasts had the brilliant idea to organize a tour for Porsches only. After the tour, rumors spread about the fun the participants had. So a next edition was planned immediately. In 2018, the organization allowed more cars in the 2nd edition.  Again, that decision was a succes as you may have read in our report of the 2018 Porsche Classic Coast Tour.   Reason enough for the organization to think further. For the 3rd edition, the number of cars allowed in the Porsche Classic Coast Tour 2019 was limited to 70.

The list quickly filled up, and there was even a waiting list. All the participants of the rally enjoyed the great ride. Weather was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, and the rally was splendid. The relatively large number of visitors had the opportunity to see the cars start and finish. The 70 cars in the rally represented the history of the classic Porsche in a very good way. From the early Porsche 356 on, most generations of the classic Porsche 911 showed up too. 


The programme of the 3rd edition of the  Classic Coast Tour had a Concours d’Elegance too.  From the start on, the organization only wanted true concours cars to take part in the concours d’elegance.  Even though we consider that a smart decision, it turned out not to be the best decision for the concours.  With just 3 the number of cars in the concours d’Elegance, you can hardly call it a succes. However, every start is difficult, and more efforts will be put in attracting good cars to the Concours d’Elegance of 2020.

Results of the concours d’Elegance at the  Porsche Classic Coast Tour 2019

1) Gaby Callewaert –  1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Touring 
2) Didier Langenaeken – 1967 Porsche 911 Soft Window Targa 
3) Hinderykx Kurt – 1972 Porsche 911 Targa 

The next edition of the Porsche Classic Coast Tour will take place August 22 2020. More information is available at the website of the organization

Picture gallery Porsche Classic Coast Tour

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts

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