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Porsche Classic Center Gelderland and Porsche Modelclub Europe join forces again

We visited the International Porsche Collectors Day at the Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland for the 3rd year in a row. And we must admit, this event is definitely growing. The International Porsche Collectors Day  started as a rather small event in the showroom of the 1st Porsche Classic Center in the world. Now it grew  into a show that probably will  be comparable to the LA Lit and Toy Show in the LAX Hilton : an event with a 35 year tradition. No surprise for those who know Mark Wegh, the owner of the Porsche Centre Gelderland and Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland and co-organiser of the International Porsche Collectors Day, together with Henk Koop, president of the Porsche Model Club Europe. Once Mark Wegh puts his shoulder under it, you can be convinced it will be succesful. 2018 Int Porsche Collectors Day-13

Rare Porsche Collectibles and books

Probably it is hard to understand for someone who is not bitten by the collectors virus. But for those that visited the International Porsche Collectors Day, this was heaven. Thousands of toys, hundreds of books and brochures, dozens of collectibles like hats, paintings, wall decoration, clocks, pens, clothing. Name it, and probably something exisits that bears the name Porsche proudly and is wanted by the die-hard collectors that spent hours on the different tables, looking for another gem.  And yes you could find gems, but to buy some of them you had to have a deep wallet. We noticed the very collectible Liebe zu Ihm book, published in the early 1960’s . More rare was an original Porsche 550 Spyder manual, several rare and early Porsche Christophorus magazines, some of them from the 50s when they were only available in German. 

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