50 Jahre Porsche 914 / 50 years Porsche 914

50 Jahre Porsche 914 by Jürgen Lewandowski

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50 years ago, Porsche entered an unknown terrain with the Porsche 914. The low-priced Porsche 914, equipped with a mid-engine, was a cooperation with Volkswagen. Customers could buy the car at dealerships from both Porsche and Volkswagen. And the car beared the name of the 2 brands : Volkswagen Porsche. 

Renowned author and Porsche connaisseur Jürgen Lewandowski took the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 914 to publish “50 Jahre Porsche 914/ 50 Years Porsche 914”.  Once again, the Porsche archives helped Jürgen Lewandowski with this book, by giving him full access to all documentation available.  And the result is worth it. Next to ‘Porsche , the racing 914s” by Roy Smith, this is the best book so far on the subject Porsche 914. 


The detailed information given in the book, covers the complete history of the Porsche 914. From the idea over the design to the production, you’ll learn everything about the, probably, most underestimated Porsche ever. They also look back again and again on internal documents or contemporary reports. This brings  up quite some internal politics from back then too, and is quite interesting to read.  Just as most Porsche’s, the Porsche 914 has some derivatives too. There are some one-off’s and some of you may know the Porsche 916. Those that haven’t can read all about it in ’50 Jahre Porsche 914 / 50 years Porsche 914″. 

Dozens of pictures illustrate the book. Many of the pictures are probably unknown to the majority of the people.  What gives the book an extra is the layout.  The cover shows a detail of a Porsche 914, in the typical orange color. That makes it very striking.  And it continues when you open the book.  The index looks like a color-chart you would get back in the day at the dealership. Each chapter has its own contemporary color.  Lots of superlatives, for a book that is worth every cent. And, with a price of about 50 Euro’s, you must admit, there is no reason not to go buy it. 

The book is available  directly from the publisher Delius-Klasing or  at Amazon

So far the book is only available in German, it will be available in English later this year. 

Porsche 914, 914/6, 916 Book Cover Porsche 914, 914/6, 916
Jürgen Lewandowski
April 11, 2019