13 October 2018 the Porsche Arena hosts the 8th Porsche Sound Nacht

The sound of a Porsche engine has always thrilled most race car enthusiasts. Dieter Landenberger,  the former head of the Porsche Archives had the luminous idea to bring some Porsches in the museum on stage, start them and revv them up. Combine this with some great stories of the pilots that used to drive the sportscars on the track ,and you have the concept of the Porsche Sound Nacht.  13 October 2018, Porsche invites everybody to join the party again,  for the 8th time yet. Over 10 Porsche sportscars and race legends will bring an acoustic eargasm to the visitors. For the first time Jacky Icxk and Derek Bell will join the Porsche Sound Nacht. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Porsche Sportscars, Porsche wanted as many visitors as possible. With the restrictions on that matter in the Porsche Museum, this year the Porsche Sound Nacht takes place in the Porsche Arena, an event-hall with a limit of several thousand  visitors.

The first Porsche : Porsche 356 Number 1

To reflect the complete history of Porsche Sportcars, the first car on stage will be the Porsche 356 Number 1. And who else can tell us more about this iconic car than Porsche legend Herbert Linge, who has been involved with Porsche as one of the first employees. 

Herbert Linge , 90 years old, will be at the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018

Another car that is known by any motorsports enthusiast, is the Porsche 917. The Porsche 917 has had an extremely succesful race career, and starred in the movie “Le Mans” with Steve McQueen. Who knows the Porsche 917 better than Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood, who won the Le Mans Classic 24H in 1970 with the Porsche 917 for the very first time for Porsche. Good to know, after his many years, it is the first time that Richard Attwood, Hans Herrmann and a Porsche 917 are back together.  And ofcourse they’ll share some great stories with us.

Hans-Joachim Stuck, Derek Bell, Norbert Singer and  the Porsche 962 „Rothmans” , startnumber 17 are brought together too, after Hans-Joachim Stuck and Derek Bell shared the car at the 1987 Le Mans 24H to race it to victory.  Race engineer Norbert Singer played a huge role in that, and many other victories of the Porsche 962, that is one of the most succesful sportscars ever with 54 victories.

Derek Bell in a Porsche 804
Derek Bell in a Porsche 804

The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1 is the first Porsche 911 equipped with a turbo. It is the first sportscar with a turbo-powered engine that made its debut at the 1974 Le Mans 24H.  Gijs van Lennep and Manfred Schurti are  2 of the pilots that were at the wheel of these iconic sportscar and will tell the audience amazing stories. 

Jacky Ickx is probably one of the most succesful racers ever. After winning the Le mans 24H 6 times, his nickname is Mr Le Mans. 4 of the 6 Le Mans 24H victories of Jacky Ickx drove a Porsche. Jacky Ickx presents the Porsche 935/77 Moby Dick, a car in which he won the 1978 Silverstone 6H.

Walter Röhrl is another great name that will come on stage at the Porsche Sound Nacht 2018. Walter Röhrl has been involved in the development and fine tuning of cars like the Porsche 959 and Porsche Carrera GT, but even more modern cars like the Porsche 918 Hybrid has no secrets at all for Walter Röhrl. Another regular at the Porsche Sound Nacht is Peter Falk, former engineer and leader of the Porsche race team. 

Ticket sales of the Porsche Sound Nacht starts July 16 2018 at www.easyticket.de or by telephone +49 711 2555 555. Price is 49 euro (taxes, administration and transfer from and to the Porsche Arena by public transportation included). As usual the tickets will be sold out soon, and you beter book a hotel too as Stuttgart will be crowded.