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The Alte Kelter in the Swabian town of Fellbach, just outside Stuttgart, was once again the place to be for Porsche enthusiasts. Paul Ernst Strähle Junior organized the “Strähle Porsche Swap” for the 17th time on November 18 this year. The motto of a swap meet is usually “Swap, buy and sell”. However, at the Strähle Porshe Swap Meet, it is more. Both visitors and exhibitors are true enthusiasts, who think catching up with friends, chatting and laughing, and enjoying themselves with people as nuts about Porsche as themselves, is as important as the hunt for treasures spread out on the exhibitors’ tables. This Porsche Swap is already a must-attend event for many Porsche fans in Germany and neighboring countries. Regardless of whether they are sellers or visitors.

For the son of former racing and rally legend Paul-Ernst Strähle, this special kind of get-together is a priority because of tradition and his long-standing ties to Porsche. “This year, around 80 suppliers, mainly of Porsche parts and other treasures rooted in the Porsche name, came to Fellbach. The huge venue, with an exhibition area of about 2500 square meters, was completely sold out.

Thousands of Porsche parts, from 356 to modern 911

Not only car parts, which were on display in every conceivable condition, changed hands. Spare parts are probably most commonly found. But literature and in a lesser extent toys are quite common. We even noticed some true gems in the literature selection. Of course, Walter Traxler from Austria showcased a huge selection of literature, from the early years on up to the most recent Porsche models. Furthermore, we noticed an extremely rare Porsche 356 pre-A parts list, as well as a Porsche 550 Spyder manual, a lovely and in fabulous condition Liebe zu Ihm book, and some of the finest vintage Porsche factory posters one can imagine.

An event like the Porsche Swap, which was attended by almost 1,000 visitors and friends, stands and falls in many respects with the former Porsche people. As is the case every year, some of the former Porsche employees met up again this year for a get-together and professional chat on-site. And next to these former Porsche employees, local Rüdiger Mayer, known from the racing cookbook Racing & Recipes, presented his new book “Back on Track Porsche” about classic Porsche race cars that can still be admired nowadays at race tracks around the globe.

Are you interested in visiting a Porsche Swap Meet too? We’ll bring you more news about the International Porsche Collectors Day at the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland real soon.

Picture gallery 2023 Strähle Porsche Swap Meet

Pictures courtesy Rüdiger Mayer / Tim Havermans