A Flat 6 Love Affair – Vol 3

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Bart Kuykens is a Belgian photographer with a passion for Porsche and for analog black/white photography. In his books A Flat 6 Love Affair he brings people with their Porsche for his camera. The results are great black and white pictures, one could even name it art.



For the 3rd volume of A Flat 6 Love Affair, Bart Kuykens traveled the world and managed to have some truly interesting people be the subject of a photoshoot. Norbert Singer and Hanz Mezger, 2 renowned Porsche engineers are just a few of them.

A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol 3 is a continuation of the series, and brings actualy the same as A Flat 6 Love Affair  and A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol 2 with other cars and other people. Even though we like the book because of the great photography in it, this is not the book you’ll grab to find some information. A coffee table book.


Author : Bart Kuykens
Publisher : Bart Kuykens
Pages 336
Limited Edition : 911 signed and numbered copies
Forewords by Sera Trimble, Rob Dickinson and  Lee Sibley

A flat 6 Love Affair Vol 3 Book Cover A flat 6 Love Affair Vol 3
Bart Kuykens
Bart Kuykens
Nov 2017