Los Angeles is renowned for the many celebrities living in the hills near Hollywood. Sunset drive, the ocean, entertainment, poverty and extreme wealth are all words one can link to the city of Angels. Once a year, the Oscars are being awarded in the Dolby Theatre. And, probably less known, but at least the same amount of fun and entertainment, once a year Los Angeles is turned over into Porsche Capital during the weekend the LA Lit and Toy Show is hosted in the Hilton LAX hotel.

Petersen Automotive Museum

The LA Lit and Toy Shown, presented by Stoddard, was in its 40th edition a few weeks ago. Once more, 2 giant ball rooms in the Hilton LAX hotel were completely booked out. Over 300 exhibitors and numerous visitors crowded the ball rooms. Visitors from all over the world joined the party, hunting for whatever interesting that crossed their path. Parts, toys, literature, memorabilia, posters, Porsche books…name it and you’ll find it. From the cheapest little garbage part to the most exclusive and rare stuff, the vendors at the LA Lit and Toy Show have something for all.

Over the years, the LA Lit and Toy Show has grown into much more than just a show in the Hilton LAX hotel. Car dealers hooked up on the success of the LA Lit and Toy Show and opened their doors to present themselves to the visitors. From Thursday to Sunday, from early morning to late at night, Los Angeles breathes Porsche. Thursday, the streets near Colorado Blvd in Los Angeles start filing up with Porsches for the open house, hosted by Sierra Madre Collection. Those that like to have a scenic road, could do the 2-hour drive south to Fallbrook, and visit the open house hosted by CPR Classic. On Friday hundreds of people visit open houses like John Willhoit Restorations or Pelican Parts. Saturday of course you have the lit show, and in the late afternoon, you’ll have to make a heartbreaking decision. Will I join the party at European Collectibles, or would I rather go to Rod Emory’s open house?

The camaraderie seen during these days is overwhelming, and worth the trip on its own. After all, no matter where you live or how thick your wallet is, you share the same passion with all the others surrounding you at a show or at an open house. Enjoy the picture gallery underneath, but remember: the only way to experience the fun is to be there. More information for next year’s edition at www.lalitandtoyshow.com.

Picture gallery Porsche Weekend in Los Angeles

Pictures courtesy Thomas Andersen and others

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