With all the fuzz going around about the first major Classic Car show, the Retromobile in Paris, this weekend, one would forget about the efforts done by smaller organizations to keep the spirit for classic cars alive. And thank god we still have these organizations, since quite some of the high-end cars that are on display at shows like Retromobile, or Techno Classica are out of reach for most enthusiasts. That’s why our photographer Wilfried Geerts headed to the Auto Classics Show in Bruges (Belgium).

Despite being a small classic car show, Auto Classics is a show you can rely on. It all started back in 1980, and the show was called Auto Retro. Over 40 editions later now, they’re still alive and kicking. You won’t find the real unique cars, and bumping into a genuine race-car with proven provenance won’t be the case. But for those looking for an atmosphere of passionates about classic cars, or an affordable classic, Bruges might be a place where you could find what you’re looking for.

In case you are interested in visiting this show next year, remember the historical city of Bruges is worth a visit too. So bring your spouse and have a great weekend together.

Picture gallery Auto Classics Brugge

Pictures courtesy Wilfried Geerts