The place to be for classic car fans in Belgium was Bruges this weekend. The annual Auto Retro Bruges took place again, in the tiny exhibition space close to the city centre.  Despite the fact that this isn’t the best nor the biggest classic car show in Belgium, this was the 36th time the show went on. So don’t judge too soon, it is absolutely worth to be there for both exhibitors and visitors.
The main theme at the Auto Retro this year was Lamborghini, the car that was built after the founder  Ferruccio Lamborghini  had a dispute with Enzo Ferrari over sportscars. As we all know Lamborghini first used to build agricultural machines, with huge success.  Ferrucio Lamborghini built a fortune with the factory and soon became intrested in sportscars like Ferrari. After a dispute with the 20year older Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided he would build his owns sportscar with only one goal : being better as Ferrari. A brandnew factory was constructed in  Sant’agata Bolognese,  only about 20 km of Modena, the hometown of Ferrari. The rest of the story is welll known, and this weekend many of the cars bearing this name stood in the spotlights at the Auto Retro.

With the current marketplaces for Porsches, probably no surprise that quite some Porsches were on display here too. You just don’t have to expect the top quality one can see at other shows,  so in case you want to buy a top of the notch Porsche for your collection, Auto Retro might have been a disappointment for you. But most of us are intrested in a decent car, without problems, to enjoy a good ride on a sunny day, not the true collectible and rare Porsche. And you could fine some good cars for that goal at a fairly reasonable price.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts