Auto Retro Roeselare is definitely not the best known classic car show in Belgium. However, in 2018, the Auto Retro Roeselare was in it’s 38th edition.  After being organised for many years in Bruges, the Auto Retro show took place in Roeselare now for the 2nd time. One could expect that Porsche would be the car in the picture while celebrating it’s 70th anniversary. However Lancia and Renault Alpine took that honours. A missed opportunity for Porsche fans.

Despited that, the exhibitors in the 2018 Auto Retro Roeselare brought enough Porsches to the show that Porsche aficionados like us could spend some fun hours. As you can see in our picture gallery, there were Porsches for everybody’s choice. Don’t expect the top class cars in the Auto Retro Roeselare, but a daily driver for a decent price, or the missing miniature in your collection might have been your part.

2018 Auto Retro Roeselare

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts