A modern interpretation of the Porsche story

Mark Cranswick has been interest in cars all his life. That reflects in the dozens of books he has written. However, just as we all, Cranswick has a favorite car. Mark Cranswick is a Porschephile. And he’s a very lucky one. He has been able to experience most of the models that Porsche produced. His new book ‘ Cranswick on Porsche’ deals with the period that most of the die-hard fans like the most.  All the models from the aircooled era of Porsche are covered : from the very first Porsche 356 number to the Porsche 993 series, the ultimate aircooled Porsche 911. However, he makes some side steps when he talks about the transaxle cars like the Porsche 924, 944 and 928.

Cranswick on Porsche
Cranswick on Porsche – sample page

Porsche wouldn’t be the Porsche from today without motorsport. That’s why the author weaves the Porsche motorsport history flawless with the evolution of the Porsche street models.  Over 300 pictures and illustrations accompany Cranswick’s text. Even though quite some pictures will look very familiar to the attentive reader, quite some never appeared before. Unique is that some of the illustrations in the book come from the hand of the author. That makes Mark Cranswick on top of the author he is, an artist too. We regret the design of the book. Some pages have an overload of picutres and illustrations, other pages are just plain text and need a picture or illustration. Of course, that’s a personal opion, and every reader has to make his own decision on that. The foreword is written by Alois Ruf and Joe Ligo (Automotive historian and creator of AutoMoments)

Cranswick on Porsche
Cranswick on Porsche – sample page


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We all realise that writing down the complete history of Porsche can’t be done in just 240 pages. And that’s why you can’t blame the author to put some things on paper in rather anecdotal manner. On the other hand, that makes reading a bit more interesting.  But yes,  of course, Cranswick could have gone deeper into some stories. Some parts of the history of Porsche remain too covered, others even totally hidden. But Mark Cranswick had to make a choice : what story fits in the the way he sees the history of Porsche, and how did motorsport influence that.

We enjoyed reading ‘Cranswick on Porsche’. There are some flaws, but overall the book is worth having in the library

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Cranswick on Porsche Book Cover Cranswick on Porsche
Marc Cranswick
Veloce Publishing
240 pages / 303 pictures