Hans Mezger, Porsche and Me

Hans Mezger Porsche and Me


Despite his contribution to the motorsports successes for many years, the name of Hans Mezger is fairly unknown to many Porsche enthusiasts. Reason for that is probably because Hans Mezger is not the kind of guy who is bragging about his skills or his results.  Hans Mezger joined Porsche in 1956 right after leaving university. He retired in 1994. 

“Hans Mezger: Porsche and Me” is the autobiography of a man who had a hand in virtually all of the successes of Porsche in the 4 decades he worked for Porsche. As an engine designer, Hans Mezger had hand in the engine of the first Porsche 911 models. But soon he was the head for the Race Design Office in the Weissach complex of Porsche.

The author, Peter Morgan, with a long record of Porsche books on his accounts, interviewed Hans Mezger for numerous hours. The transcriptions of the interviews were the base for the autobiography “Hans Mezger: Porsche and me”. By reading the book, you’ll be impressed by the achievements of Hans Mezger. A non-exhaustive list of engines in which Hans Mezger had a hand: the 1.5L 8-cylinder Porsche 804 F1 that gave Dan Gurney the French GP win in 1962; the 907, 910, 908, 909, 917, 935, 936, and 956/962 racers.

But probably Hans Mezger’s groundbreaking work on the Turbo engines of Porsche is among the most important. Both the road and race cars equipped with turbo engines were designed by Hans Mezger. He was responsible for the TAG-Turbo engine that was used by McLaren in the F1 cars.

Five Appendices present Mezger’s major awards/citations, a 1981–84 timeline of the TAG turbo project and a breakdown (event, date, driver, position) of its 1984–87 competition record, a 1962–1990 survey of “landmark” Mezger engines, and a full reproduction of his 1972 paper to the IMech of the 917 development.

All this and much much more is covered in the book. 

The book was originally printed in a German (Hans Mezger, Porsche und ich) and an English edition (Hans Mezger, Porsche and me). Currently, however, it is not always available in both languages

Hans Mezger Porsche and Me
Hans Mezger Porsche and Me

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Porsche And Me Book Cover Porsche And Me
Hans Mezger
Peter Morgan Media
February 15, 2012
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