Jacky Ickx


Without any doubt, Jacky Ickx is the most succesfull Belgian racepilot ever. Jacky Ickx stood nearly 200 times on the podium after a race, in the most different categories and both on 2 and 4 wheels. This probably makes him even one of the most succesfull racepilots worldwide. No matter if he drove trial, Formula 1 or rallye, Jacky Ickx gainedsuccesses and victories like no one else, in his over 30year long carreer. His 6 victories in the 24hours of Le Mans are probably the best known to the world, and this gave him his desirable nickname ‘Monsieur Le Mans’ , french for “Mr. Le Mans” .

It seems Jacky Ickw was born with motorsports in his vains. His father Jacques was a motorsportjournalist, so it’s obvious Jacky is introduced in the racing world real soon. And as most young kids, this is a world he is strongly attracted to. Soon his parents bought him a motorbike, and he succeeded in climbing the highest spot on thepodium in his first official race. Amazing, isn’t it.

This book documents the complete career of Jacky Ickx from the early beginning up to the end. To make it even more pleasant to read, are the great pictures that accompany the stories, showing Jacky Ickx during races on both bikes and cars, on the podium, childhood pictures …

The reading of this book won’t disappoint any motorsports enthusiast. After all, you’re reading stories , told in a vivid way by the author, about one of the most prominent all style racers evers.
Foreword by another champion, the cyclist Eddy Merckx, a good friend of Jacky Ickx.

Another book that cannot be missed in any motorsportslibrary.


Author : Pierre van Vliet
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : Delius-Klasing
Pages : 240, 61 Color pictures, 91 b/w pictures
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3508-4

Jacky Ickx Book Cover Jacky Ickx
Pierre van Vliet
Biography & Autobiography
Delius Klasing