The author of this book, Achim Kubiak , is not unknown to people with an intrest in Porsches 356 and 911. Previous books by his hand were ‘Fasziation 356’ and ‘Faszination 911’, 2 books well-received by the Porsche public.As the subtitle tells us, this book is about the Porsche 356, and about the people who are thrilled by this iconic vehicle.

The author explains the complete story of the Porsche 356, starting from the early beginning in Gmünd with the birth of the very first cars bearing the name Porsche, up to the latest Porsches 356 that left the factory in Zuffenhausen. However, the story of the car isn’t told in the common way. Achim Kubiak visited collectors, people passionate about the Porsche 356, true enthusiasts , and he combines the stories of both the cars and the people in a unique way. It’s always great to read the history of the passion of people for a certain car, and how they tumbled into the Porsche virus. For example Dieter ‘Oskar’ Schneider, once one of the largest Porsche miniature collectors, who was contacted by the factory and asked if he would sell his collection to the Museum. Or Dr Klaus-Otto Räker who now owns his personal museum, where many Porsches 356 and the rare Porsche 904 and Porsche 718 can be admired.

And anyone active in the Porsche 356 scene knows about the Porsche 356 International Meetings. Every year, enthusiasts of all-over the world gather in a European country to enjoy their cars, and meet friends and people sharing the same passion and love for a car. Achim Kubiak shows pictures of each and every International Meeting that took place, from the very first in 1976 in Lüneburg Germany to the 2011 International Meeting in Vaals, the Netherlands.

Finaly, in a brief but clear way, the technical details of each Porsche 356 model produced is shown. This book is a great read, and makes clear that you’re not the only one in the world with a passion for this lovely car. On the contrary, it learns that there are many, some of them maybe even more passionate than you.


Author : Achim Kubiak
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 258 pages with dozens BW /full color pictures
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3427-8

Mythos 356 Book Cover Mythos 356
Achim Kubiak
Delius Klasing