Porsche 993 Esasential Companion Streather

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The Porsche 993 belongs to the most wanted Porsche’s ever. Main reason is that it is the last aircooled series of the Porsche 911. After that, for obvious reasons, the aircooled Porsche 911s were replaced by the watercooled series. And I don’t need to tell you : a true Porsche fan will always adore the origins and that means the aircooled engines.  And that’s why the Porsche 993 is sometimes referred to as “The King of Porsche”. 

In “The Essential Companion” book series, renowned Porsche specialist Adrian Streather covers a complete model range. In “Porsche 993 – King of Porsche”,  Streather chronicles the complete development stage and racing history of the Porsche 993. Furthermore,  ownership issues of the 993 are described in tremendous detail. Possible buyers will read the book as a buyer’s guide. Those lucky enough to own a Porsche 933, see “Porsche 993 – King of Porsche” as an owner’s guide with dozens of tips. That includes maintenace and small do-it-yourself repairs.

The book has 640 pages, and has over a  thousand photographs, with all aspects of the Porsche 993 featured in-depth. After reading this book, you’ll know virtually everything about every model in the Porsche 993 series : the versions, the engines, the transmissions, suspension … 

The book is in English and available at Veloce Publishing.

Porsche 993 - King of Porsche Book Cover Porsche 993 - King of Porsche
The Essential Companion
Adrian Streather
Veloce Publishing Ltd
October 1, 2019