Carrera RS by Konradsheim & Gruber

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In 1992 the book “Carrera RS” was published. The limited edition of only 3000 copies sold out a very long time ago, and the book became one of the most sought after Porsche books ever, reaching prices up to 2000€ and more. Some 3 years ago, Georg Konradsheim and Thomas Gruber took up the challenge to republish the book. However they didn’t want just a reprint of the book. They started the research all over, with only 1 intention. Setting a benchmark in terms of research, using a selection of mainly unknown pictures to deliver a high quality book, exactly as they did 23 years ago.

Compared to the previous book, this new book gains no less than 178 pages and it uncovers previously unknown facts about the development of the Porsche Carrera RS. How many people knew about the existence of the Porsche 916 prototypes, who’s launch was canceled last minute to pave the way for the Carrera RS? The authors had full access to the Porsche Archives and private archives . They went through thousands and thousands of pages of information, and spent hours and hours interviewing engineers, designers and people involved in the development, design and manufacturing of one of the most iconic Porsches ever making it possible to present a profound insight into the production of the Carrera RS. The book contains some very detailed information on the racing activities of the race version of the Carrera RS, the RSR’s.
Between the release date of the previous book and now, quite some never seen before documentation showed up. The authors used all this information and integrated it with the existing information. The complete list of chassis numbers that was in the previous edition was reworked and optimized, probably to the pleasure of owners and restorers as this list will be the reference when someone wants to bring his Carrera RS back exactly the way it left the factory.

It was a long time waiting before the book was republished. 23 years to be precise. Many Porsche almost begged with the authors for a reprint. Their praying have been heard. I think we can say this book was the most desired for republishing in history of Porsche books, but it definitely is worth the waiting. The quality of this book is from an seldom seen level. Not only when it comes to presentation in the brown slipcase / yellow book (english version) or yellow slipcase / brown book (german version) but mostly when it comes to accuracy and content. The book can be ordered directly at the publisher’s web shop for 438€. We agree, not the cheapest book, but nevertheless a book that should be in the library of ANY Porsche aficionado and worth every cent!!! Wondering how long it will take before the book is sold out again, and will be a collector’s item, exactly as the previous edition.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : TAG Motorbooks

Carrera RS Book Cover Carrera RS
Georg Konradsheim & Thomas Gruber
TAG Motorbooks
435 pages, over 1000 pictures

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