Ciney Retromoteur 2017

Retromoteur & Vehicules de Prestige

Last year, the Ciney Retromoteur attracted over 20.000 visitors. Not surprisingly when you know the Ciney Retromoteur is one of the largest classic car shows in Belgium.  The Ciney Retromoteur has grown over the years in an international event. With visitors coming from all over Europe and some even coming from the USA. Approximately 600 exhibitors make sure the 35.000 square meter of exhibition surface is complete filled. This giant surface is divided in 2 areas, the indoor and outdoor area.

The Ciney Retromoteur is not the show where you should expect the trailerqueens or the Concours d’elegance cars.  Dozens of cars in different conditions, motorbikes are offered to the public. Next to  the complete (or not so complete) cars, the Ciney Retromobile is a tremendous place to find parts or accessories for your car. Literally thousands and thousands of them are piled in boxes where you can search through, hoping to find the gem to complete your restoration.

Gadgets, memorabilia, literature and collectibles : that’s what you can expect next.  Definitely a show you should consider. Keen an eye on our agenda to know when you’ll have to be there.

Ciney Retromoteur 2017

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts