The Classic Car show of Spa, traditionally in the superb showrooms of the Casino of Spa, is not the largest show. But the ‘Bourse de véhicules anciennes’ is definitely a household name in oldtimer circles. And due to the location of Spa, it attracts people from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxemburg. 

The Classic Car Show of Spa has the same ingredients as other shows. It favors enthusiasts who will exhibit their cars, stock of parts, documentation, miniatures, and automotive gadgets from another time. And mainly that documentation and automobilia part is the stronghold of the show. But with the proximity of one of the most beautiful and renowned race-tracks, that won’t surprise you.

Our friend Wilfried Geerts headed to the Casino of Spa to go dig in the piles of paperwork and parts to try to find some gems that fit his huge collection of Porsche memorabilia and pictures. And in the meantime, he kept his camera ready to bring the atmosphere of the show to your screen.

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