Early Porsche 911 line up

The Classic Days Schloss Dyck is a classic car event one could compare to the Goodwood Revival. However, saying that Classic Days Schloss Dyck is as good as the Goodwood Revival might be a bit too much honour. After all Lord March has set a standard at all the Goodwood events, that it is hard to to beat. It is even hard to even come close to what you can get there. Nevertheless, the Classic Days Schloss Dyck is absolutely an event not to be missed.

The Classic Days Schloss Dyck takes place in the gardens of the majestic castle in Jüchen, Germany. That’s a small village that can easily be reached from Dusseldorf or Essen. There is a FIVA concours d’elegance at the peninsula on the domain near the castle. The most beautiful classic cars are invited to be part of the concours. This year a stunningly restored Porsche 356C Cabrio was one of them. A group of classic Porsche 911 fans of the neighbourhood were invited to put their cars in the picture at the concourse d’elegance. However, without actually taking part in the concours.

It was a great sight to see all these early Porsche 911’s one next to the other. The different colours contrasting to the background. Just stunning. For me it was great to see a 1967 Porsche 911S Targa Softwindow again. After all , that was the actual car I had been thinking about to buy some 5 year ago. Financially speaken, it was not the best decision to let the car go as they have multiplied in value at least 2 ,3 times in that period.

Jägermeister Racing

The Classic Days Schloss Dyck featured some Jägermeister sponsored race cars too. As you all know, they sponsored some Porsche teams too, one of them being the Kremer racing team. Jochen Mass visited the cars he used to race with many years ago and you could see he liked it a lot.

We were only on Friday at Classic Days Schloss Dyck so we didn’t see the cars on the closed road track. Too bad as the sound of these Kremer Porsches definitely must have been great in that scenery. We are looking forward to the first weekend of August 2017, that’s when the party will go on again.

Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2016

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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