The development from the four-seater 530 prototype to the 901 is one of the most exciting periods in the history of Porsche. One thing was clear, there had to be a successor to the Porsche 356. Porsche didn’t want to go over 1 night of ice. Designers and engineers spend numerous hours on the drawing board. In September 1963, the final result of all the efforts is presented to the world at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The Porsche 901, later to be renamed 911, is born and a success story that, now over 60 years later, continues.

Listing the books on the Porsche 911 is a tremendous job. Some of them are fantastic, but some of them are not even worth taking a look at. So we were delighted to see a ‘Edition Porsche Museum” book on the Porsche 911, often referred to as the masterpiece of Zuffenhausen, landed on our desk. After all, the information in this book comes directly from the source. Who knows more on the subject than the factory itself? Who has the best information available? Right, the Porsche Museum.

Knowing that, you should not be surprised to learn that ‘Destination 901’, a book that tells the history of the design and development of a car that is probably one of the greatest automotive icons: the Porsche 911. Numerous previously unpublished original documents provide a detailed picture of concepts, designs, backgrounds and decisions. Few of you may be aware of a Porsche Type 695, or Type 754. Nevertheless, they play an important role in the further development.

The complete history and evolution, from the first drawings to the final result, is documented in Destination 901. On top of a whole lot of information, Destination 901 contains numerous previously unpublished pictures. The minute notes of meetings and memoranda give even more insights on the development history

The Porsche 901 embarked on a success story in 1963. Destination 901 is a time warp back in history and will teach you all about its development. An absolute must-have for any Porsche fan.

Review based on the German version of the book, which is available in English too.

Destination 901 Book Cover Destination 901
Edition Porsche Museum
Motorbuch Verlag
October 24, 2023
448 pages
600 photos and illustrations
Available in German and English