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Porsche fascinates sports car enthusiasts all over the world since decades. And ofcourse there is a reason for that fascination. First, there is probably no other car that looks virtually the same now, as it looked ages ago when the first Porsches were delivered. Even though there is a huge evolution, both technical and mechanical, you cannot deny that a Porsche 356 from the 50s is a predecessor from a Porsche 911 from nowadays? On top of that is Porsche probably the most successful sports car manufacturer in history, with thousands of victories on its account. Moreover, Porsche is the most profitable car manufacturer on the globe. And, the brand has the DNA of the family Porsche in its veins since the early start of the company.

When Porsche tried to acquire Volkswagen, about a decade ago, this started a power play between the 2 tribes of the family clan : the Porsches and the Piechs. The financial crisis of 2008 turned the roles, and it was Porsche that became candidate for a takeover. And finally, Volkswagen was the rescuer, by taking Porsche under its arms. In the end, the 2 brands were under one roof. One could see this is what history meant to be as Porsche and Volkswagen always had a strong connection, including the 2 family tribes Porsche and Piech. And the succes of Volkswagen and Porsche made these family to one of the most powerful business dynasties in the world.

“Die Porsche Saga” by Stefan Aust and Thomas Amman tells us all about the history of Porsche, and the families involved. It describes the fascination that the car, the design and the technique offers to enthusiasts. Furthermore, the most important evolutions of the Porsche company are told. Many of them are first hand, told to the authors by witnesses. Just as the Porsche company and its history, this book fascinates from start to end. 

Unfortunately this book is only available in German. It would be great to see it translated in English.

Die Porsche-Saga Book Cover Die Porsche-Saga
Stefan Aust, Thomas Ammann