Experience pays: Jaap van Lagen wins on home turf

The race track in Holland’s Zandvoort turned into a stage for Jaap van Lagen (FE Racing by Land-Motorsport). At his home race, the 36-year-old Dutchman notched up his second victory in this year’s Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. On the dune circuit, he beat 37 rivals from 14 countries and relegated Nicki Thiim (DK/Attempto Racing) and Philipp Eng (A/Logiplus MRS-Racing) to the second and third podium steps. “I’ve worked as a driving instructor on this sand-blown track for the last ten years. So my win is thanks to the experience I’ve gained here,” said the ecstatic van Lagen. In the overall classification, Kévin Estre (F/Attempto Racing) holds on to his lead after 15 of 17 races.

Van Lagen, who had planted his 450 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on pole position for the race, managed to immediately pull clear of his pursuers. But behind him, a pack of five, spearheaded by Thiim, took up the chase and caught van Lagen in the fifth lap on the 4.307 kilometre circuit. In lap nine, Finnish guest driver Antti Burri (Team 75 Motorsport) left the track which brought out the safety car. When the race restarted, Estre running in fourth experienced major problems and fell back to tenth. “Suddenly I couldn’t accelerate properly and the others got past me,” explained Estre.

In the overall classification, the Frenchman retains his lead with 209 points heading to the double-header season final in Hockenheim. Title aspirant Thiim had to deal with some bad news on Sunday. After Thiim overtook under a red flag at the race weekend in the Lausitz, the Dane may lose the 20 points he earned for victory on the Eurospeedway. As this decision is not yet final, Thiim still has 207 points to his credit, sitting just one point shy of his teammate. After claiming victory at Saturday’s race in Zandvoort, and fourth on Sunday, Christian Engelhart (D/Konrad Motorsport) now ranks third overall with 199 points.

For Porsche Junior Connor de Phillippi (USA/Förch Racing by Lukas Motorsport), fourth place in race 14 marks the best result so far this season. The American clinched eighth on Sunday. “It was a turbulent weekend with the race red-flagged on Saturday and the continuation on Sunday. But I’m very pleased,” said the 20 year old. Porsche Junior Alex Riberas (E/Attempto Racing powered by Motorvision) became entangled in a collision right at the start of race 14 and could neither continue the race nor contest the rescheduled afternoon round. “It was the classic race accident that can happen with such a large field. Now I have to look ahead and I want to do really well at Hockenheim,” explained the Porsche Carrera Cup rookie.

Fans following the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland have something to look forward to. The title will only be decided at the season final in Hockenheim. From 18 to 20 October, races 16 and 17 will be contested on the 4.574 kilometre race track in Baden-Wuerttemberg, with 40 points up for grabs.

Result race 15:

1. Jaap van Lagen (NL/FE Racing by Land-Motorsport)
2. Nicki Thiim (DK/Attempto Racing)
3. Philipp Eng (A/Logiplus MRS-Racing)
4. Christian Engelhart (D/Konrad Motorsport)
5. Jeroen Mul (NL/Team Bleekemolen)
6. Sean Edwards (GB/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
7. Bas Schothorst (NL/Team Bleekemolen)
8. Connor de Phillippi (USA/Förch Racing by Lukas Motorsport)
9. Kévin Estre (F/Attempto Racing).
10. Pieter Schothorst (NL/Team Bleekemolen)

Points standings after 15 of 17 races:
Driver classification

1. Kévin Estre (F/Attempto Racing), 209 points
2. Nicki Thiim (DK/Attempto Racing), 207
3. Christian Engelhart (D/Konrad Motorsport), 199
4. Sean Edwards (GB/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 160
5. Norbert Siedler (A/Aust Motorsport), 151

Amateur classification

1. Rolf Ineichen (CH/Konrad Motorsport), 244
2. Dominic Jöst (D/Attempto Racing), 225
3. Wolf Nathan (NL/FE Racing by Land-Motorsport), 165

Rookie classification

1. Connor de Phillippi (USA/Förch Racing by Lukas Motorsport), 109
2. Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 87
3. Alex Riberas (E/Attempto Racing powered by Motorvision), 66

Team classification

1. Attempto Racing, 418
2. Konrad Motorsport, 283
3. Förch Racing By Lukas Motorsport 1, 240
4. Team Deutsche Post by Project 1, 214
5. Aust Motorsport, 193