FAT International Ice Race Zell am See 2024

This weekend, the FAT International Ice Race crossed the pond to bring the action to Aspen Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. That is about 5 years after the inaugural revival of the tradition of Ice Racing in Zell am See, which brought action to the airfield of Zell am See just over a week ago. And as you can see on the pictures that Rüdiger Mayer ( sent us, it was quite a party.

After a year’s absence, the engines were finally allowed to hum again at the Zell-Am-See airport. Weeks and weeks of labor had been spent to turn the tarmac of the airport into an ice track. Last-minute rain however made it impossible to bring the visitors the complete program.
For example, the skiers could not participate in the traditional Skijøring demos, and the cars with little ground clearance could not even start, but the AWDs fortunately did. And that way, a tradition that started over 5 decades ago, with the inaugural Ferdinan Porsche memorial ice race in 1952, continued, and let’s hope it will continue for ever.

Picture gallery Ice Race Zell am See 2024

Pictures © Rüdiger Mayer

There was an extremely strong presence of Porsche Spyders at the FAT International Ice Race in Zell am See, and unfortunately, most of them didn’t make it onto the muddy ice-track. But bringing about 10 of these extremely rare and valuable cars together is worth the trip on its own. We can’t make it to Aspen and are curious to see how the event will be welcomed by the American audience. At the moment of writing, the (very) expensive tickets aren’t sold out yet, so buy your entry-tickets here.

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