Ferdinand Alexander Porsche passes away

April 5 2012 will be a day we will always remember. Sad news reached us. In Salzburg, Austria, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the legendary Porsche 911 passes away at the age of 76.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche , commonly nicknamed Butzi, was born in Stuttgart December 11th 1935. He was the eldest grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the old professor and founder of the company that evoluated to the company Porsche is now. From his childhood on, Butzi was enthusiast about cars and it’s not hard to imagine cars influenced his complete life.

In 1962 Butzi Porsche took the lead of the Porsche design-studios , and they drawed the long wanted for successor of the Porsche 356, the Porsche 901, which was soon renamed to Porsche 911.
Not only was he involved in creating the cars for daily use, but he spent time in designing race cars too, like the Porsche 804 F1 car, and the sensational Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

In 1972 the family withdrew themselves from the company and he started his own company : Porsche Design Studio, first in Stuttgart and later on in Zell am See in Austria. The Porsche Design Studio is well known for lots of things, like cookware , clothing, shoes, leatherware, sunglasses, pens and much more.

Today, unfortunately he passed away. Let’s remember him and see each and every Porsche 911 you see now , as a tribute to this great man !!