The success that the Porsche company has achieved today, would be unthinkable without the life’s work that Ferry Porsche devoted to the company. The company was established in 1931 by his father Ferdinand Porsche. He laid the foundation of what is now a multi billion dollar company. But without the devotion and Passion of Ferry Porsche, who managed the company in 1948 when the first car with the name Porsche on the crest, rolled out of the factory Gmünd, the company would have never become what it is now.

To celebrate 75 year of Sports Cars, the Porsche Museum publishes the little book ‘Ferry Porsche – Driven by Dreams’ to remember that life’s work of Ferry Porsche. It tells in short the history of the company Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, and t weaves Ferry Porsche’s biography into the story. Just as the other small books published by the Porsche Museum, it contains numerous pictures, all of them probably familiar to you. It won’t tell you anything new I presume, but it is a great read and a valuable addition to your library.

Ferry Porsche - Driven by Dreams Book Cover Ferry Porsche - Driven by Dreams
Porsche Museum
July 25, 2023
English/ German