Franzis Porsche 911 Flat 6 boxer engine model

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Learn  how the Porsche 911 engine works by building it on your desk.

Not everybody is in the possibility to build a Porsche 911 flat-6 engine. You just may not have the place to overhaul an engine, or some tools are missing on your workbench. Maybe you don’t have the knowledge to start building the powerplant of the iconic Porsche 911. Or you just don’t want to get your hands greasy and dirty ? Well from now on none of these make any sense any more. In cooperation with the Porsche Museum, Franzis Verlag from Germany has built the ultimate do-it-yourself Porsche 911 engine. 

The parts needed to build the miniature Porsche 911 engine
The parts needed to build the miniature Porsche 911 engine


With just 290 parts, you are now able to build a transparent engine replica of the legendary Porsche 911.It only takes a few hours, and even your kids can be your assistant. Or why not let them try it them selves. They will learn how a combustion engine works. And what’s great about this model kit is that all essential engine parts are moving. All componentes are easy to assemble. Just use some screws and there is absolute no glue needed.

The construction kit comes with a comprehensive guide that provides lots of information about the Porsche 911. The detailed step-by-step instructions help you build your own Porsche flat-six boxer engine for your workshop, office desk or living room.