The Swiss racer Herbert Müller won numerous races in his active race-career and unfortunately lost his life in a crash at the Nürburgring in 1981. It took the authors 6 years and countless hours to complete the book “Herbert Müller – alles zu langsam”, a complete biography of this excellent Swiss racer.

The biography “Herbert Müller – alles zu langsam” counts over 380 pages. And all of them are important to tell the complete story of Herbert Müller. Müller started races in over 230 completely different competition vehicles during his successful career. And regardless of the car he drove,  Müller was extremely fast.

Foreword by Marc Surer

Marc Surer, former F1 driver and compatriot of Herbert Müller takes care of the foreword. He quotes a proverb of Goethe saying: “A burnt child shuns fire,” referring to Müller’s two fire accidents at the Nürburgring. With a great deal of luck, Müller survived the first one. Unfortunately in the case of the second, all his guardian angels were on vacation.

Chronological view

The authors, Jörg-Thomas Födisch and Rainer Roßbach, cover the complete life and race career of Herbert Müller in a chronological way.  It all starts with a short chapter describing Müller’s childhood and his first encounters with cars, at very young age.  From 1960 to 1981, each year has a chapter describing the highlights of that year in Herbert Müller’s career. 


Norbert Singer

Herbert Müller raced for a whole lot of race teams, including his own. He took the wheel of a variety of cars from different manufacturers. Needless to tell, numerous colleague pilots, team chefs and engineers can tell stories about the Swiss driver. Herbert Linge, Richard Attwood, Gijs van Lennep and Norbert Singer are just a few that tell some personal stories about their experience with the always sympathetic Müller. Gijs van Lennep drove 22 races together with Müller. That includes the 1973 Targa Florio, won by the duo in a Porche 911 RSR. Van Lennep is still very proud they never had severe damage to a car.


All the race results of Herbert Müller

The last chapter of “Herbert Müller – alles zu langsam” is a complete overview of all race results ever Herbert Müller. Just by flipping through the pages of the last chapter and throwing an eye at the results, you will be stunned by the number and variety of cars raced by Müller. 


“Herbert Müller – alles zu langsam” is a fantastic book. It is quite detailed, and the stories of eyewitnesses throw a good eye on Müller’s career. It learns us how Müller was as a person and as a race-driver. The countless pictures, both black white, and full color illustrate the stories in a splendid way. Many of the pictures were unknown to me, and just for that, it justifies buying the book. As a race-enthusiast, “Herbert Müller – alles zu langsam” deserves a place on your bookshelf. Point of criticism, or an advise for the publisher : the book is only available in German. We would have loved this book to be bi-lingual,or printed in both an English and German Edition.

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All pictures courtesy of publisher Mc Klein Publishing

Herbert Müller - alles zu langsam Book Cover Herbert Müller - alles zu langsam
Födisch Jörg-Thomas, Roßbach Rainer
McKlein Publishing
May 25, 2021
384 pages with 253 color pictures and 257 bw