Porsche Classic Center Gelderland presented a Porsche 959 with just 991 Km from new

The first major classic car show of the year in Europe is always in Maastricht, the Netherlands. And we can assure you it is worth the visit. And why not bring your partner, to spend some time in the lovely city of Maastricht too? After all, there is more in life than cars. But let’s not distract you to much and get back to the reason why you ended up on this page. And obviously, that is cars. The main theme of the Interclassics Maastricht in 2024 this year was ‘120 years of Ford Performance’.

Henry Ford once said, “Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.” That’s why Ford has been active and successful in virtually every form of motorsports since the early years: from rally to Formula 1 and from endurance to NASCAR. To honor the theme, Interclassics brought about 30 Fords from all the decades of the illustrious brand together. From 1896 to the present day. One of the absolute highlights is the very first car that founder Henry Ford showed to the world: a recreation – officially approved by Ford – of his home-built Quadricycle. Other highlights include two monstrosities of the Ford Capri: the fire-breathing Turbo Zakspeed and the supreme 3200 RS. These and other cars are from the factory collection of Ford Europe in Cologne. And for the Belgian car fans, there was an F1 car driven back then by Thierry Boutsen.

Porsche at the Interclassics Maastrich

Visiting an oldtimer show always gives a good impression of what lives on the market. It shows where the interest of the audience goes. And for years now, one cannot deny that Porsche is one of the brands that attracts people. The previous years, Porsche was always well represented at Interclassics Maastricht. And nothing else was the case this year. Lots of Porsches, from rather recent ones to early cars. Among the dealers, we missed a few of the usual suspects. Porsche Classic Center Gelderland showed up for the first time and did that in style (as we are used to). The Porsche 959 Komfort at their stand, a car with just 991 km from new, received the Chubb Award ‘Best Youngtimer’. No one will argue that !!

Picture gallery Interclassics Maastricht

Pictures courtesy Tim Havermans