Willhoit Restorations Open House

During the LA Lit and Toy Show weekend, we all know there’s much more going on around Los Angeles than just the LA lit and Toy show on its own. We’ve told you about our tour on the Thursday before the Lit Show and our visits to some open houses.  Exactly the same is going on on Friday. In contradiction with Thursday, we had no rental car but hopped on one of the buses that left from the Hilton LAX Hotel.  Several stops were planned, as you will read in future articles. Main stop on our bus tour was the John Willhoit Restorations Open House, in Long Beach California.

John Willhoit has been in the Porsche restorations business for over 40 years now. When you are looking for a perfect job, John Willhoit is one of the names that will pop up in your hunt for a shop. No matter what you agree with John Willhoit, you can be assured the result will be perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. At the open house, visitors can stroll around the shop and enjoy the cars that are on display. And there’s always quite a few, in the different stages of restoration.  

LA Lit Show 2019 - John Willhoit

On top of the great cars in the shops, there’s much more. The street is crowded, and there’s a long queue of Porsche enthusiasts waiting for the free German style Bratwurst, served on a bun with sauerkraut and mustard. All over the place,  you see people having vivid conversations.  The Willhoit Restorations open house is a great spot to experience an important part of the LA Lit and Toy Show: passion, comradery, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. Sharing the same passion: Porsche. I am pretty sure this is what Porsche heaven must look like

Thank John Willhoit for the hospitality and generosity !!!


Picture gallery John Willhoit Restorations Open House