Willhoit Open HouseThe weekend of the LA Literature and Toy show, lots of restorers and bodyshops take the opportunity to have open-houseto show their skills to the public. Smart ofcourse, as the large LA neighbourhoud is literally crowded with Porsche minded peoplefrom all over the USA, and many of them even flying in from other contintents like Europe.

One of the open houses I really don’t want to miss, is John Willhoit’s Restorations in Long Beach, about a one hour drive south from the LAX area.Not only do the cars on display prove the technical skills of the Willhoit’s team, it’s always great fun to see the crowd gather in the garage, see thecars come and go, and enjoy the fabulous bbq at lunch-time.

The last few years, on the oppisite side of the street of John’s garage, you can see the Canyon Racer Motorsports dyno where you can find out how much poweryour Porsche makes at the rear wheels. It’s always very impressive to see and hear the engines cry when they’re on the dyno. Actually, you could easy staya complete day at the Willhoit’s premises at the open-house without having one moment you think you should get bored, with lots of friendly people to have a Porsche talk.

I’m looking forward to next year, that’s for sure.