1958 Porsche 3-4-5 publicity photo: 718 RSK 1.6 (718-005) #29 Jean Behra/Hans Herrmann 3rd overall (14 laps behind winner, 1st in 2-litre class), 718 RSK 1.5 #31 Edgar Barth/Paul Frère 4th overall (15 laps behind, 1st in 1.5-litre class), 550A RS Spyder 1.5 #32 Carel Godin de Beaufort/Herbert Linge 5th overall (17 laps behind)

In 1958 The Porsche factory team entered 3 Porsches718 RSKs.  The Porsche presence is strengthened by 2 Porsches 550A RS’s, entered by private teams. Despite not being able to win the race overall, there’s no doubt that 1958 is a great Le Mans year for the Zuffenhausen manufacturer.  The fact that this is the 10th year of  sports car production makes it even more special. The first Porsches to see the chequered flag is the  718 RSK 1.6 #29 of Jean Behra and Hans Herrmann in 3rd position overall. (1st in 2-litre class), followed by another Porsche  718 RSK 1.5 #31 of Edgar Barth andPaul Frère (1st in 1.5-litre class). Fifth position overall was for the privateer team Ecurie Maasbergen with the dutch nobleman Carel Godin de Beaufort and Herbert Linge at the wheel of a Porsche 550A RS Spyder#32.

Here’s some great video footage of the Le Mans 1958 ( German Language)