Porsche 936

After the last preparations on Thursday the Le Mans Classic took off on Friday. Before noon, most of the track time was reserved for the clubs. At the press conference, Peter Auto stated that despite the fact that many of the drivers wanted to have more track time, he refused to diminish the track time for the clubs. After all, the presence of dozens of clubs and hundreds of cars are in the DNA of Peter Auto Events.

In the inner field of the track, you could see visitors strawl in the paddocks. Some of them chatting to some old friends, admiring the cars. They all had one thing in common : a smile on the face, while enjoying the great atmosphere typical for a Peter Auto Event.

Training and qualifications

In the afternoon, the action started. I won’t go in too much detail about what happened on the track. You can read that in a later full blown report. For now, you better enjoy our gallery with some pictures about the different Porsches that you can see in action at the track. And I promise you, it is amazing. Porsche 356, Porsche 550 Spyder, Porsche 718 RS61, Porsche 908, Porsche 917, Porsche 904, Porsche 936,…

Breathtaking isn’t it

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography