Liebe zu Ihm – Love for the Porsche

English promotional letter Stuttgart, spring 1960

Dear Porsche friend,What is it that keeps fascinating us about the Porsche ?

Nobody has ever expressed it clearly. Is it the beauty of the line, is it the power and strength of the engine, or is itthe impenetrable fact that one loses some of one’s inhibitions when driving a Porsche? Or is it perhaps that little bit of vanity which goes with it and which we should not like to miss, as it is a part of the positive attitude to life.

Where is the poet who will be able to tell us why, by analysing the mentality of the Porsche owner and by explaining it psycho-analytically?

However, it is quite certain that Porsche owners have a special LOVE FOR THEIR CAR and see more in it than merely a means of transportation.

LOVE FOR THE PORSCHE – that is how the illustrated book is called-  which is being published privately with the permission of the Dr. -Ing. h.c. F.Porsche K.-G.

It is a book about the Porsche over the years 1950-1960 with about 90 photographs. A de-luxe edition in high-quality glossy paper and five languages. This Porsche picture-book will be certainly welcomed with great enthusiasm by many Porsche friends. We shall take the liberty of sending you an order form in due time. The book will be available by September 1960, to give enough time to decide whether you want to include it among your Christmas gifts.

In the meantime , we remain,

Sincerely yours
Hermann Lapper