Luftgekuhlt 8 - (C) Gunner Mench

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself”. With this legendary quote of Ferdinand Porsche in mind, Patrick Long and Howie Iseldon created the Luftgekühlt brand. The close friends couldn’t find the car experience of their dreams, so they created it themselves.  A few weeks ago, in the port town of San Pedro, California, the Brouwerij West hosted the 8th edition of Luftgekühlt.

Luftgekuhlt 8 – (C) Gunner Mench

Luftgekühlt represents all of the air-cooled cars from Porsche’s history. This spans an extraordinary period of vehicle technical development from the company’s inception in 1931 through 1998. Streetcars and owners, thoroughbred race-cars and drivers, engineers and mechanics, Luftgekühlt features them all. But Luftgekühlt is way more than just a regular show displaying only air-cooled Porsches. 

Luftgekuhlt 8 – (C) Connie Somers

Porsche is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Carrera RS. One could go visit the Porsche Museum to enjoy the ‘Spirit of the Carrera RS’ exhibition. Another way was paying a visit to Luftgekühlt 8, with quite a number of different RS models scattered around the event location. And of course, visitors showed up in all kinds of Porsches too. From the rattiest one all the way to immaculate new ones, with of course some Porsches redesigned by Singer too. Luftgekühlt 8 was another great event, that will for sure find another sequel soon.

Picture gallery Luftgekühlt 8

Pictures courtesy Connie Somers and Gunner Mench