Magnus Walker : dust don’t slow you down

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A man you wouldn’t think of as a fullblood Porsche collector, the dreadlocked  Magnus Walker who is covered with tattoos, wearing a baseball cap, dirty jeans and shoes. However, Magnus Walker nowadays is considered to be one of the most important Porsche collectors.  Born in the grey city of Sheffield, UK in 1967, Magnus Walker had barely seen a sportscar when he went to the London Car show with his dad at the age of 10. That’s where his passion for the Porsche 911 was born. All the rest is history, compiled in the Magnus Walker book ‘Dust don’t slow you down’.

For the first time, the complete life of Magnus Walker is told in his biography ‘Magnus Walker : Dust won’t slow you down’.  The complete journey from the city of steel in the UK to Hollywood where he moved to at the age of 18, barely having a dime in his pocket. There have been many highs and lows in the life of Magnus Walker, there only one constant : his unconventional behaviour and the Porsche 911. 

Will this book learn you something new on Porsche ? Well, I don’t think so. Should you go get it ? Well, maybe if you’re into the mood for a life story of the self-declared Urban Outlaw who did it his way and climbed up from living on the street to owning a huge Porsche collection.

Magnus Walker : dirt don't slow you down Book Cover Magnus Walker : dirt don't slow you down
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