Michael Keyser

Born : October 5 1947

Biography Michael Keyser

Michael Keyser was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on October 5, 1947.  Keyser graduated at Taft school. After that he started working as a reporter in his hometown for the local newspaper. It was in this job that he came in contact with motorsports in 1969. Immediately, Keyser felt a strong connection with both the people on and next to the track. Michael Keyser’s interest in motor racing was a fact, both as a racer and a photographer. . For the next 12 years he was involved in the sport as a photographer, filmmaker, author and driver. 

Michael Keyser and Porsche

Michael Keyser - 1976 12H Sebring - Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
Michael Keyser – 1976 12H Sebring – Porsche 911 Carrera RSR

Keyser mainly raced Porsches. However, he felt at ease in American cars too. So he came in action on the track in Chevrolet Monza’s and Corvettes too. It turned out that Keyser had talent for racing. He built an international race career. Keyser competed in the U.S. and Europe.  Among the victories of Keyser, the 1976 12H of Sebring is probably the most imortant. Teaming up with Al Holbert in a Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, they won that race. In 1981, Keyser retired from racing.

As a film maker, Michael Keyser probably got the most name and fame by producing the book and movie ‘The Speed Merchants’. Keyser combined his both jobs, and used his racing Porsche as a camera car. An updated version of that same movie was produced in 1999. And ofcourse his work as co-writer of Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans cannot be ignored. Furthermore, Michael Keyser was the co- author of several books, including ‘Racing Demons – Porsche and the Targa Florio’. Jürgen Barth joined forces for the book ‘Porsche 911 ST 2.5 : Camera Car – Le Mans Winner – Porsche Legend

The last decades, Michael Keyser spent much of his efforts in his business Autosports Marketing Associates Ltd, together with his wife. 

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