Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2014

The Paris Expo, located at the Porte de Versailles is a huge exhibition mall, easily reachable by public transport so you can avoid the Paris traffic. Once you enter the premises, you were thrown in a complete different world, the world of king Car !!

The Paris auto week, better known as the Mondial de l’automobile is an event that attracts well over a million visitors in just 10 days. You can imagine any brand wants to be part of the salon to show novelties to the world, or just be present at one of the worlds largest automotive showrooms. Name a car manufacturer, and you’ll find it at the Mondiale de l”automobile. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, … they all show their candy to the visitors.

Each year there’s an exhibition in the exhibition, this year nothing else. There’s only a thin line between fashion and cars. Both are the result of design work, and both attract the rich and glorious. The Cars and Fashion exhibition followed the timeline of the great cars that left their mark on the automotive history and of the fashion from the end of the industrial revolution up to today. About 50 cars, all symbolic for the era they represented, are shown to the audience, together with models wearing the fashion from that same era. And of course the co-signed vehicles couldn’t be missed. How ‘out the Mini Paul Smith, or the Suzuki Swift Little Marcel or the 2014 Seat Mii by Mango.

Wolfgang Porsche himself was present in Paris, at the Porsche stand, were models like the Le Mans participant Porsche 919 could be admired, or more common, the Porsche Targa, just a few months before presented to the world, and a premiere for the Porsche Cayenne S-E Hybrid.

And of course, there’s no Mondial de l’automobile without the beautiful and stylish female models that surround the cars.. sometimes you wonder what some people visit the show for.