It’s been a while again, the open house at European Collectibles. Just as the previous years, the Costa Mesa based vintage car dealer, hooked his open house upon the LA Literature and Toy Show weekend.

European_Collectibles_024After the Literature Show at the Hilton Hotel ends, everybody prepares for a one hour southbound ride to Costa Mesa.The European Collectibles weekend has become a tradition over the years, where Porsche people gather to talk Porsche,meet friends while having a superb hamburger or drink a soda, all on the house. What a generosity, isn’t it?

But the true starsof the event are without any doubt the cars. The premises of European Collectibles is literally packed with Porsches. You want a daily driverand originality or rarity isn’t important to you ? Or maybe you’re looking for a rare concours condition garage queen ? No worries,you’ll find it. The open house is a great opportunity to make a choice out of dozens of cars, and next to that the superb foodand nice people make the event one big Porsche party.

I’m looking forward to next year, hope to see you there.