Porsche 356 Nederland Gijs Van Dijk

Porsche 356 in the Netherlands

Gijs Van Dijk is a grandchild of one of the first Volkswagen Dealerships in the Netherlands. Back in the days, that meant having the Porsche dealership too. Wim Poll, the uncle of Gijs van Dijk, used to be a active and succesful Porsche 356 racer. Gijs van Dijk always admired his uncle and his escapades on the track. Times have long gone, but the interest and passion for the Porsche 356 kept alive in Gijs van Dijk’s heart.

He started building up an archive of every single Porsche 356 that was ever delivered to the Netherlands.  Gijs van Dijk put this knowledge in a photo book. Mark Wegh, owner of the first Porsche Classic Centre in the world,  joined forces with  a marketing company to publish the book as it is available now.

Next to numerous pictures of lots of the Porsche 356’s ever delivered to the Netherlands, you can find some history on how Ben Pon Sr. started importing Porsche’s to the Netherlands. Ofcourse there’s some words reserved for some of the Netherlands most notorious Porsche 356 drivers : Ben Pon Jr, and Carel godin de Beaufort, who even shared the wheel of an ultra rare Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth GTL.

The book is a nice piece of work, reads well and is extremely fun to just flip through the pages and enjoy the pictures. There’s not that much detail in the book, but enough to keep everyone interested without boring them. Just one slight disadvantage : only available in Dutch. But nevertheless : great addition to a Porsche 356 library


Author : Gijs Van Dijk
Language : Dutch
Pages : 160 pages with numerous pictures, hard cover
Limited edition of 356 copies.

The book can be purchased at the author , directly with  Mark Wegh ( shipping cost is 9.5€) or at AutonetCarbooks

Porsche 356 in Nederland Book Cover Porsche 356 in Nederland
Gijs Van Dijk