Porsche 356 made by Reutter. 2nd edition

Porsche 356 made by Reutter. Author Frank Jung

Book review “Porsche 356 made by Reutter”

Most of the Porsche 356 fans know about the 1st edition of  “the Porsche 356 made by Reutter book”. The book, published in 2011 was awarded with a 4-star review by us.  Recently, Delius-Klasing published the 2nd edition of “Porsche 356 made by Reutter”..

The author, Frank Jung, is the great-grandson of one of the founders of the Reutter company. On top of that, Frank Jung joined Porsche as the successor of Dieter Landenberg as head of the Porsche Archives. With this knowledge, you won’t be surprised that the revised 2nd edition of “Porsche 356 made by Reutter” has become an absolute must-have for any early  Porsche fan. With complete access to both the Reutter archives and the archives of Porsche, Frank Jung describes in detail the history of the Reutter company. The first chapters of the book are virtually the same, in both editions. The only exceptions are some pictures and the layout. In these chapters, the author describes the early history of the Reutter Company.

As soon as the relation of the Reutter Company with Porsche comes into the picture, things change. There is definitely more information in the new edition. Dozens of pictures, some never published before, illustrate the detailed information. Our conclusion remains unchanged: as a Porsche 356 owner or fan, you need to have this in your library.

Just the dozens of pictures in the book justify the money, for those that don’t master the German language. Unfortunately, so far, the book is only available in German, but according to the publisher Delius-Klasing, an English version is in the making.

Porsche 356 made by Reutter. Author Frank Jung
Porsche 356 made by Reutter. Author Frank Jung

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Porsche 356 Book Cover Porsche 356
Frank Jung
April 11, 2019
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