An adventure into Formula One during the 1.5 litre era

Porsche in F1, for many of the nowadays Porsche drivers, it seems something weird. Maybe some of you always hope Porsche will spend some budget and research in a new F1 team, but I guess we won’t see a factory Porsche in a F1 race ever again. The costs to develop a F1 car , the wages of the pilots, the costs to participate during a F1 race would be simply too high. However, there was a time Porsche participated in the F1 circus. And I mean participate not just by delivering an engine to a team, but with their very own development Formula 1 race car.

And finally we Porsche enthusiasts have the opportunity to read all about the adventures of Porsche in this amazing world of speed. It all started by converting a Porsche 718 into a monoposto which was quite succesful. But Porsche always aims high, so they developed a true F1 car, the 804 which was up to now, the very last purely German-manufactured Formula 1 race car.

McKlein Publishing presents the book “Porsche 718 + 804, an adventure into Formula One during the 1.5 liter era”‘ which definitely clears a gap in most libraries of Porsche and F1 enthusiasts. In 228 pages, filled with many previously unseen pictures , both b/w and full colour, you can read the complete history of Porsches experiment in F1. Combine the stories of the people involved with these cars, and lots of statistics and you gat a rather complete documentation of Porsches history in F1 in the 60ies.


Author : Födisch, Thomas / Neßhöver, Jost / Behrndt, Michael / Roßbach, Rainer
Publisher : McKlein Publishing
Language : English / German
Pages : 228
ISBN : 978-3-927458-43-7

Porsche 718 + 804 Book Cover Porsche 718 + 804
Jörg-Thomas Födisch
McKlein Publishing