Porsche 911 – The ultimate sportscar as Cultural Icon

Porsche 911 : The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon

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We all know that Ferry Porsche once said that he couldn’t find the sports car he liked, so he decided to build the car himself. That decision is probably one of the most important decisions ever made in automotive history. After all, this meant the start of the brand Porsche as a sportscar manufacturer. And it just didn’t stop by just being that. Porsche has become more like a lifestyle, and the car has evoluated from the Porsche 356 into a cultural icon : the Porsche 911.

Ulf Poschardt, the author of the 911 book,  explains in Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon explains how the Porsche 911 turned into a symbol of perfection and freedom, a phenomenon that continues to inspire people. A car that brings people together. A car that seems to know no boundaries, no matter wether it comes to sportiveness or to the people that want to have a Porsche 911 in their garage. From showbiz icons like Steve McQueen , politicians like Boris Johnson, business people like Bill Gates, comic Jerry Seinfeld or rocker Magnus Walker. All have a passion for Porsche. On the other hand car guru Jeremy Clarkson can’t see a Porsche 911 without having to express his depreciation for the car. One thing is for sure. The Porsche 911 leaves nobody untouched.

In this book, Ulf Poschardt sends Porsche drivers to the shrink and concludes that a little narcissim can be a healthy thing; he then takes them on an engaging journey through the checkered history that defines their pride and joy.  Not everyone can, nor indeed should, drive a Porsche, but Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon lays bare the raw driving force behind the 911 for anyone intrepid enough to discover.


Author : Ulf Poschardt
Publisher : Gestalten
Language : English
Pages : 240 pages, full color, hard cover
ISBN : 978-3-89955-687-2

Porsche 911 Book Cover Porsche 911
Ulf Poschardt
November 25, 2016