Porsche 917 exhibition at Spa Classic

Spa Classic 2019

Spa-Classic is up to its 12th edition! Organized for the first time in 2011 on the drivers’ favorite circuit, Spa-Classic has gradually become one of the biggest classic car races in Europe. In 2023, this Belgian meeting attracted more than 22,000 spectators. The event is therefore not for nothing one of the most popular races of the season. For the drivers, this famous circuit winding through the Ardennes massif is the most beautiful in the world.

In a later article, we’ll definitely give you more information regarding the race series and competitors that Spa Classic has to offer you on the weekend of May 16-18. For now, we can tell you that Peter Auto created 2 new line-ups. The Gentlemen Challenge, which includes the former The Greatest’s Trophy and Fifties’ Legends, and the brand new Classic Touring Challenge, which provides an even greater diversity of models on the track. But the real big news for all sportscar fans in general and Porsche fans, in particular, is of course the exceptional exhibition of the Porsche 917.

Porsche 917 exhibition

The exhibition promises to be an unforgettable experience. Among the many gems on display, the Porsche 917-043 longtail with its psychedelic green and purple color will undoubtedly run with the attention of many a visitor. This car was shown for the first time after its restoration at the Paris Retromobile Show in 2020. The legendary 917-023, cloaked in stunning white and red and famous for its victory at Le Mans in 1970, will also be on hand, taking spectators back to the glorious moments in motorsport history. In addition, enthusiasts will have the chance to admire the 917-021/12, the 917-025, and the 917/10-002, a red Spyder Can-Am. A white 917 Spyder Interseries whose chassis number has yet to be revealed will add a touch of mystery to this extraordinary exhibition.

The drivers

Yet it is not only the legendary cars that will attract attention, as the exhibition will also feature some renowned drivers. With the presence of Brian Redman, Gérard Larrousse, Richard Attwood, Jürgen Barth, Reinhold Joest, Mario Casoni, and Philippe Siffert Jr. representing his late father, it promises to be a unique encounter with some iconic figures from the world of motor racing. These experienced drivers will share not only their extensive expertise but also fascinating anecdotes that will immerse visitors in the compelling history of the Porsche 917.

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Edited Peter Auto Press release.
Pictures by Tim Havermans