Nowadays mountainraces aren’t that popular, however there was a time that hillclimbs and other races were really very popular. Races in the mountains attracted thousands of spectators, that not only witnessed spectacular races. They could enjoy the great nature of the mountains too ofcourse, which made it very popular weekend family trips. We could even make the statement that once, mountainraces were almost as popular as endurance racing or Formula 1. Probably the most famous and popular championship was the EBM (Europa Bergmeister Schaft).

The authors tell in this book the complete history of this championship after the second world-war between 1957 – 1969, probably the best years of the championship.

Most of the factories building sportscars, competed in this championships and sent teams to tracks like the Gaisberg, Mont Ventoux, Ollon-Villars, Lenzerheide, Schauinsland, …

And ofcourse you aren’t wondered when I say that in these races, many Porsches were involved, raced by the most talented guys of the period. Porsches 550 Spyder piloted by Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips, Richard von Frankenberg, Edgar Barth, Hans Herrman, later followed by the Porsche 718 RSK , RS60 and RS61. Ofcourse the Porsche 904 had successful runs too, and it goes on and on with the Porsche Carrera 6, Porsche 907, Porsche 908, Porsche 909, Porsche 910, Porsche 911.

Not only tells the book in a pleasant way about these wonderfull years, it has numerous pictures too, both in color and black/white, illustrate the stories. And nice to know, lots of these pictures are from private archives and never published before.

Great to read are the interviews with Hans Herrmann, Eberhard Mahle. And probably you can read things you didn’t know about no less than 22 pilots who competed in this great series… Edgar Barth, Umberto Maglioli, Gerhard Mitter, Jean Behra, Josef Greger, Joakom Bonnier, Umberto Maglioli, Rudi Lins, to name just a few. A separate chapter is dedicated to explain the different racetracks, and a table with all international race results is included in this book too.

My conclusion is clear : a great book, pleasant to read,with lots of amazing pictures.


Author : Michael Behrndt / Jörg-Thomas Födisch / Jost Nesshöver / Rainer Rossbach
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 192 and +/- 240 pictures (color and b/w)
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3361-5


Porsche Bergsport Europa Bergmeistershaft 1957 – 1969 Book Cover Porsche Bergsport Europa Bergmeistershaft 1957 – 1969
Michael Behrndt / Jörg-Thomas Födisch / Jost Nesshöver / Rainer Rossbach
Delius Klasing