Porsche Club of America

Bill Sholar, a commercial artist from the Washington DC area was an admirer of beautiful shaped cars. And the design of the Porsche 356 pleased him so much that he acquired a 1953 Porsche 356. While enjoying the car, he met other people driving their Porsches on the streets too, and they started flashing lights. Bill was convinced a more personal meeting with these drivers would even extend the fun. And after a first gathering at Bill’s house in February 1955 and some common rides that same summer, the group decided to start a club. A short article in the August 1955 Sportscar Illustrated magazine drew the attention of people. On September 13 1955, the first meeting of the Porsche club of America took place at Blackie’s House of Beef in Washington DC. 

13 people showed up, but they had to ask 1 person to leave, as she did not have a Porsche, but a Volkswagen. Bill Sholar was elected as the first President of the Porsche Club of America. They sent a letter to the Porsche Christophorus Magazine to help spread out the word to other Porsche enthusiasts. By the end of January 1956, the club counted 190 members, designated as charter members, from 27 different states in the USA. 

That was the start of the amazing history of the Porsche Club of America, which nowadays counts close to 100.000 members. In case you want more information, we gladly refer you to their website https://www.pca.org/