Porsche in Weissach

Creative and innovative

The Porsche Development Centre (“EZW” for its German initials) has been situated in Weissach since 1971. Around 6,500 employees work there. The result: 7,000 patents worldwide. Every year, more than 400 new patents are filed. Design offices, test benches, workshops and also our motorsports department sit in close proximity to one another. Short distances on the site facilitate the direct and uncomplicated exchange between the individual development departments. A closely linked and coordinated development process, from the first draft up till the finished production vehicle. The Hemmingen site also belongs to the EZW. That’s where the company started the development of “sporty all-purpose vehicles” in 1998 – and hence put down the cornerstone for the most successful model series of Porsche today: the Cayenne. This is still where the colleagues of the SUV model range as well as those from the respective areas of Development, Production, Procurement, Product Controlling, Company Quality and Sales are housed.