Porsche Lifestyle Megascene #00

At the largest oldtimershow of the world, the Technoclassica, there’s always a lot to do, lots of boots to explore, and lots of new things to learn. This year one of the novelties was the Porsche Lifestyle Megascene #00. Indeed, the zero number of a brandnew Porsche Magazine. However,this isn’t just another magazine covering the Porsche world. This magazine succeeded in convincing some great names to write in the magazine or to publish their pictures. Jürgen Barth, Gijs van Lennep, Johnny Tippler, Maurice van den Tillaard (aka the Dutchman) are just a few of the names of the guys who ensure the high quality of this brand new magazine.

Language shouldn’t be an issue when you consider buying the magazine. On the contrary to other magazines, the trilingual articles (English, German and French) make sure that any Porsche aficionado worldwide will be able to read the magazine in a language he understands.

The highly informative articles are accompanied by lots of great , large pictures making the magazine both intresting as a knowledge ressource, and as an eyecatcher on your table. Among the subjects covered in the zero-number you can find the Rennsport Reunion IV, an article about one of the most original Porsche 550 Spyders, the Gruppe C and so on..

About 160 pages of pleasure, that can be yours twice a year. I’m a believer and I bet you’ll be convinced too !!

Porsche Lifestyle Megascene #00 Book Cover Porsche Lifestyle Megascene #00
Kobus Cantraine