In HSR – Historic Sportcars Racing Ltd – the cars are the stars, and spectators are treated to prior winners of great events such as the 12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona. Events are as educational as they are adrenaline-inducing, as fans are exposed to pieces of history at the track.

Perhaps the best part of HSR events is the open feeling experienced by spectators; unlike other series, fans can stroll through the paddock to view the cars and talk with the drivers. Often, racing legends  are on hand driving cars they previously raced.

One of those events is the Daytona Histories 5 days long, the legendary racetrack in Daytona, will be the centre of the worldwide historic racing scene. Not only is this an important event because of the iconic status of the racetrack. Many heroic races have been going on through the past decades at the oval, since 1961 to be precise. In 1966 the legendary 24hour of Daytona was born, and the Daytona Histories will be exactly as exciting as a true 24hour race.

6 race groups will be on the track in a rotating schedule without interruption for 24hours. An enormous challenge for both the organization and the competing teams and pilots. The cars are divided into race groups by their age.

Group A – Cars from 1960 thru 1972
Group B – Cars from 1973 thru 1982
Group C – Cars from 1983 thru 1993
Group D – Cars from 1994 thru 2002
Group E – Cars from 2002 thru 2010
Group F – HSR Group

In each group you can find some very important cars. Cars that made history back then in races like the 12hours of Sebring,and of course the 24hours of Daytona. On the Porsche side that means among many others : an early Porsche 911S, that started it’s race career at the exact same spot, the 1967 24 hours of Daytona. A very important car, as it won the GT Class, and it was the very first 911 that won a FIA race. To make it complete, the car will be at the Daytona Histories in the same livery as back in 1967, when it was to raced to victory by Jack Bryan and Bill Benker (Brumos).

Porsche 962-113 will be at the start, the 1986 12hours of Sebring winner with Bob Akin, Hans Stuck and Jo Gartner at the wheel.
Ofcourse lots of Porsche 911 RSR’s in the entry list too, among the a 4-time Daytona 24hours entrant,and a one of only 54 1974 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0, with a extensive and very successful racing history in Germany in the 1974-1977 period. The Kremer Porsches are legendary too, and some of them can be admired at work in the Daytona Histories, in different classes, among them a Porsche 935K1. This particular car was Raced by the late Bob Wollek in the 1976,1977 & 1978 World Championship in races such as: Le mans 24 Hours, 1,000kms of Nürburgring 1st 1977, the 6 Hours of Mugello 2nd 1976,  Vallelunga, Silverstone 2nd 1976,  Zeltwegg & Dijon 2nd 1976. Impressive, that’s what comes in my mind when you hear this.

To make the party complete, several great names will drive the cars they used to drive back in the time. Gijs van Lennep, Vic Elford, Hurley Haywood, and even the Porsche Factory driver Patrick Long will be on the track.

Wednesday, November 12th, the fun starts with the training, Thursday and Friday the qualifying sessions take place. The real racing starts Saturday at noon, to continue without interruption until Sunday November 17th noon. See you there, without any doubt it will be fun !!!